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Handbags Sri Lanka

Handbags Sri Lanka? If you are looking for these, you have come to the best place. We guaranty you the best quality handbags in Sri Lanka. These are handmade products designed and assembled with care. There are so many varieties to choose according to your need. From any color, any size and also for your budget too. Check out our Handbag collection and try it out now. You will fall in love instantly. If you are interested to know more keep reading Handbags Sri Lanka.

Why Handbags Sri Lanka?

If you need Handbags Sri Lanka then it is us you need to choose. Because we make handbags with the best quality. Using the best material. And also we search the most trending fashion in the world. And design latest fashion handbags. Which also suits your daily needs.

A handbag is essential in day to day life for all women. You need a handbag to keep your things like makeup, documents, umbrellas, purse, money etc. And most women like to match their handbag with their outfits. It is a regular wear with office women too. Having a good handbag and a durable handbag is the money saving too. And using a handbag will emphasize your personality. There are so many varieties of handbags with us. So you can use them according to any occasion. We are bound to provide you with a quality service too.

How to choose a good handbag

It is essential to use a good handbag always. And choosing a good handbag is a tricky subject. You should be mindful of so many things such as type, the occasion you wear, the capacity you need, the colors you match etc. Let’s see what you should consider when choosing a good handbag.

Considerations In Choosing A Handbag

The Color

Color is also the main point you should consider. Because it is essential that you match the suit you wear. If it is a function you can use a handbag with a bling. Or you can use a neutral handbag for daily use.

The Capacity

When choosing a Handbags Sri Lanka you should check the capacity of the bag. The purpose of using it may differ. So you should consider what you are going to fill inside and how large or small it should be.

The Occasion

Considering the occasion is a good practice. Because you cannot use the office handbag for a function. And you need to use a high-end clutch to a wedding but not to an office. So make sure you care about the location.

Types of Handbags Sri Lanka

There are so many Handbags, Sri Lanka, for you to choose from. You can choose according to your preferences.

Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags are comfortable and come with a long handle. There are so many varieties of shoulder bags where you can hang on your shoulder with both handles or hang on one side. These can be large in size with a big capacity. Includes more than few pockets so you can easily manage your belongings. The structure is strong enough to hold the belongings as well. There are also small shoulder bags which uses to carry limited items such as a phone or your money wallet. Comes in varies colors and preferable for office and for outings.


Satchel is also a type of a Handbags Sri Lanka which comes with a strap. It can be worn diagonally. This bag is mainly used as a school bag to carry books. The satchel includes a long flap which uses to close the bag. This is similar to a briefcase but it is soft sided. Satchels mainly come in brown and black shadings. These bags might include one pocket or double pockets from the front and has two separate handles to hang from both shoulders. This is a very unique and a very trendy bag among teenagers.


Crossbody bags are very attractive and come in various colors. Crossbody bags are mainly small in size. But comes in the larger size too. Handy crossbody bags comes with a long strap and can carry a mobile phone or a small wallet. It comes in square, rectangle and very different shapes such as circles and cylinders. It is very fashionable and can use it when you go shopping and outings. You can hang on one shoulder or can cross over the body in a very fashionable way. Popular among girls and teenagers.

Sling Bag

The Sling bag is also a type of Handbags Sri Lanka. This is similar to a crossbody bag. And middle in size. Very fashionable bag and has the ability to carry a few makeup items your mobile phones etc. Can use when you go to the office. Can use for functions as well. For functions, you can use sling bags with bling and high-end colors. For the office, you can use matte and dull color sling bags. It also has a long strip handle and has a flap to close the pockets too.

Quilted Bag

Quilted bags are all-time favorites. Because it suits any generation. The quilt comes in different patterns according to the generation. Teens use very clean quilted patterns and elderly people prefer very decorative and complex quilted patters. This adds a very high-end look to the bag. Comes in different types such as crossbody, shoulder bags clutches etc. Comes in different colors. And also it comes in leather too.


Clutches are the small type of bags which can be used as a wallet. Can carry money and sometimes a mobile phone too. These can be used for various occasions. You can use it as an everyday bag to carry money. And clutches are used for occasions with bling and in very glossy colors as a high-end wearable. It gives a very unique look. Very handy and comes in different colors too. Clutches come in different patterns. Some have a zip lock. Some clutches includes both zip and a flap to close the opening too. Includes many pockets inside to hold ATM cards IDs etc.


These are also a type of a Handbags Sri Lanka which is similar to a clutch. But it has a small lock which can open and close easily. Has a very high-end look and these can also be used as a money wallet. But in most cases, these are used as a wearable in weddings and other functions. This is small and might be medium or long too. Long Minaudiere are used for weddings and other functions and matches with frocks. Comes in various colors. And some Minaudiere has the ability to connect a handle too.

Hobo Bag

Hobo bags are commonly used handbags now. It became a trend in the recent past. Most hobo bags are used as casual bags. To use in the day to day activities. Comes in various colors and designs too. Hobo bags can be printed, designed in very light materials as well as heavy materials such as leather. It has a very short handle to hang. Some hobo bags come with zips and some can be gathered in the opening. It is very fashionable and can be used at any age. Do not use in functions.


Wristlets are a type of a Handbags Sri Lanka and similar to a clutch. But mainly it is smaller than a clutch. Has a small hang which you can insert your hand up to your wrist. That is why this name is given to it. Can insert a mobile phone. Or money. Can come in square or rectangular shapes. But there are mini wristlets which come in circular shape too. Comes in different colors and patterns. Printed ones are very fashionable.

Beach Bag

Beach bags are used mostly in beach outings and trips. Can carry so many belongings. Most beach bags a see-through. But now it comes in hard colors too. Printed beach bags are trendy and popular. It is very large and has two handles which are short in length. The structure is strong enough to carry more things. Includes only one pocket which is the main pocket. Most of the beach bags do not have any zip or any method to close the opening. And does not include extra pockets too. Luminous colors are very much popular among teenagers.


Wallet are a type of a clutch which was designed for the sole purpose of holding money. It has a small zipped pocket to hold coins and small pockets to hold cards. And it may contain more than few pockets for different purposes. Mainly it can be carried out with other handbags too. And can be held by one hand. No handles to carry. Should be held from the wallet itself. Lightweight and comes in different patterns and styles. The basic shape is rectangular.

Leather handbags

Leather bags are very high-end bags which designed for office and for outings. The bag can be designed using an original animal skin which is called original leather. There can be easily damaged but these are very expensive but durable. Gives a rich look as well. Polymer leather is a type of plastic which also gives the look of original leather but it is more durable than the original. Very strong and can come in various colors. But the original leather mainly comes in shades of brown.


Large handbags, medium handbags or small handbags?

Handbags Sri Lanka comes in different sizes too. You should consider the size when you choose it. The price may vary according to the size you use. Large handbag types are beach bags, hobo bags, and shoulder bags. Medium size bags are crossbody and satchels. And small handbags are clutches, wallets etc. These can be used according to the occasion and workplace you use and the colors and styles you prefer to wear

What should you consider when you choose the best Handbags Sri Lanka?

First, think about the occasion you need. Then decide the money you need to spend. You can then go for a preferable style and the size you need to purchase the handbag.

What about the price?

Handbags Sri Lanka is very affordable. And also you can spend a limited amount of money to purchase a higher quality product.

So do not think twice. If you are in need of a Handbag Sri Lanka you are in the right Place. Hope you got a complete idea about what you need to know about Handbag in Sri Lanka. Shop with us and enjoy the glamorous look with your new Handbag.